Could Using Tinder be Dangerous

There are two apps in question, namely Tinder and Grindr, who claim to keep personal details private until users select a match, someone they want to make contact with. It is only at this point email addresses or usernames are shared, allowing people to connect directly.

The team of experts found that a determined hacker could capture information as it passed between the user’s phone and the Internet. Flaws in the apps themselves could also be exploited to reveal even more information directly on the Android smartphone

Using the same techniques demonstrated by the university team on the Tinder app, hackers are able to recover all the profile images viewed by the user, along with details of each “match”. Further probing reveals the user’s unique Facebook token – a string of numbers and letters that could be used to personally identify the app user.

Security tests suggest that Grindr is even less secure. Among the information recovered were the details of profiles the user had viewed, along with their own email address. Even more worrying was the discovery that messages from private chats could also be accessed by hackers.

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