Russian Cybergang Scored Millions

A firm that specializes in detecting online-ad fraud says a Russian criminal group has run a massive digital-ad fraud over the past few months. It may have cost brands, and potentially media companies, hundreds of millions of dollars. The New York company, White Ops, said in a Wednesday report that the “Methbot” operation made it […]


Do you know who you are in Business With?

In a world where we don’t really know anyone, isn’t it great to have a company where you know your IT Specialist… Our Team at Universal IT Services constantly strives to improve on our Interpersonal Skills. Recently we identified our strengths with Dawn from Lehmann Consulting, greatly assisting us on this continuous journey!


Could Using Tinder be Dangerous

There are two apps in question, namely Tinder and Grindr, who claim to keep personal details private until users select a match, someone they want to make contact with. It is only at this point email addresses or usernames are shared, allowing people to connect directly. The team of experts found that a determined hacker […]