Shared Mailbox Send As

How to Send As your shared mailbox with Exchange Online.

Outlook 2016Outlook Online

Open Outlook Online

Navigate to your Outlook Online and Sign In with your Work or School Account

Open Another Mailbox

Click on the Profile Picture or User Icon in the top right corner of the Browser window. Select “Open Another Mailbox…“.

Enter E-mail Address

Enter the Full E-mail of the Shared Mailbox that you wish to open and select it from the list. Click “Open”.

Send Mail

Your Shared Mailbox will open in a new window. From this window, you can send and receive mail as that mailbox as you would your own.

Quick Tip!

Bookmark this page and open directly into your shared mailbox whenever you are logged into Office 365 with your Work or School Account!

Outlook 2016

For Outlook 2016

Open Outlook 2016 & Open New Mail

Launch Outlook 2016 for Windows. Open a New Mail as if you were going to compile a mail to send.

Open Mail Options Tab

Open the Options Tab in the top bar of the New Message window. Click the option “From“.

Note: May hide From field in step 3 if already selected.

Setup Other Email Address

On top of your “To..” and “CC..”, click “From” and select “Other Email Address

Setup Other Email Address

Enter full E-mail Address of your Shared Mailbox and click OK.

Quick Tip!

Note: If you are not assigned rights to the Shared Mailbox you will not be able to do the above.

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