How to Log a Ticket

Existing Clients Only

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E-mail HelpDesk

Sending a simple e-mail to the Helpdesk E-mail Address with a Subject relevant to the issue (e.g. PC is Slow) and a description in the body that helps guide us to when, where and how you are experiencing the issue.

Using this method will create a ticket that will be assigned to the next available Technical Engineer to attend to.

Submitting the HelpDesk Form

This simple, quick and easy way to submit your helpdesk request is perfect for times you need to ask for help when you are using your phone, tablet, another PC or even if you can’t access your e-mail. The form is designed to work regardless of these factors. Click Here to access our user-friendly form or click Support Request on the ClientZone Home Page.

Alternative Methods

When all else fails and you are just about to lose hope, we are always welcome to call us on +27 (0)87 802 2956 which will put you through to a Technical Engineer to assist, or on your Technical Engineer’s Mobile Number if you have an existing ticket number and we will be happy to assist you.

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