TeamViewer Host

Existing Clients Only

Download and Install

Download Here

Download TeamViewer Host

Download the latest version of TeamViewer Host. If you have a previous version of TeamViewer installed, you will have to uninstall that before proceeding.

Install TeamViewer Host

Once your download has completed, start the installation of TeamViewer Host. During Installation, select BOTH under Environment, ACCEPT the Terms and let the installation run

Unattended Access

For your computer name, Enter your Full Name if you are a residential client or if you are installing on a business machine enter abbreviation for your company followed by -Your name. E.g. “uni-John” If you are unsure ask your Technical Engineer. Create a password, we will NEVER ask for this.

Account Assignment

Please Accept and Finish. Due to the fact we do not have your unattended access password, we will not have unrestricted access to your device.

After the installation and configuration are complete, we will be able to request access to your device to commence with remote support. You can also send the Randomly Generated Password to your Technician.

Please never accept a request you are not expecting.

Download TeamViewer Host (Scroll with Left <- & -> Right Arrow)

Uninstall any previous version of TeamViewer

Select "Next"

Select "Both of the Above", Click "Next"

Select "I Accept the terms", Click "Next"

Let Install Run.

Select "Close" when installation is complete

Select "Next"

Enter Full Name (Residential) or Abbrev. Company name followed by -Name (e.g. uni-John)

Installation & Setup Complete

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